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Aus on STHLM Riots

posted 24 May 2013, 06:01 by Pierre Maier
Fixed MEME and RANT

However there is truth to this and the same phenomenon can be observed in the Subway to ofc.

During rush hour when the trains are so full that you basically can feel peoples privates rubbing against you from every direction, there's usually open seats. And if you take it the one sitting there will look at you like "WTF, Does it LOOK like this seat is free!?"

And yeah, we have some douchebags rioting in some Stockholm suburbs about likely some poor dude having his free seat next to him stolen by some old lady with bad hips who needed a seat.

To douchebags who make a mess where my friends live:
Sweden is the worlds big daddy of social welfare so fuck off!, nowhere in the world offers the opportunities available here with free universities, free healthcare, superb living standards and the pinnacle of equality. Your problems are insignificant, go and fucking vote in the government elections like everyone else.

They have burned some cars, a school, thrown rocks at the police and fire fighters and such lovely things. But don't get me wrong, stuff are not completely out of business in these suburbs. The people owning the burnt out wrecks that used to be their cars had properly received parking tickets due to putting crap on the parking lot. ;O)

Then these rioters complain about the cops beating the shit out of them.

Sounds to me like a learning experience you arrogant motherfuckers, go the fuck back to school and shut up.

News flash: The police and the military are the organizations that safeguard and exercise any states monopoly of Violence. This monopoly is the base and foundation of any state but in any "free" nation this is something that is seldom witnessed.
So bottom line is : Pick a fight with the police and you are in for a world of hurt. State sanctioned hurt.

So for any visitors to Stockholm: Don't take the free seat next to someone else in the subway, someone might start feeling bad about the near-human-interaction-experience and start a riot of their own.

And here I conclude the status report from the Land of the moose snow ,meatballs and fucking EBM with 2 observations.

1.The Swedish Government passed a law to force the church to wed gay couples IN church. WIN!

2.The Swedish Government have failed to pass a law against having sex with livestock / pet animals several times. Witch to me says a lot about the fancys of the ones in charge. FAIL

Have a great weekend everyone.