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About the old days by AUS

posted 26 Aug 2012, 06:37 by Pierre Maier

About the old days that many seem to think so highly of.

you know the old days when people dressed in black with combat boots and business shirt without glowsticks and a head full of g
arden hoze and sang allong to Leather Strip - Kill a raver? yeah, those days when Deuschemaschine was the new hit and wumpscut only had released about 400 albums. ;)

I must admit I am not all that fond of the industrial dance in the living-room and put in on youtube thing, but it still is a hell of a lot better than this (link below) bullshit and mind you that i DO remember people dancing this way back in the day ;)

Time changes some things, industrial people learned to dance, kind of. And the techno chicks and the industrial chicks swapped styles. The techno chicks now wear as little as possible and now the industrial people look like christmas trees instead.

Picking up chicks got a whole lot more complicated to.

1.Skirt- Check,
2.Small half top - Check
3.Probable girly hairdoo - Check
4.obvious female high heel style plateu boots - check.
5. Turns around and it's a GUY and you feel stupid for checking out some dudes ass :P

Now don't go and get pissed because I make fun of something that some people take very seriously. because anything that people take seriously is the most fun TO make fun of, and its what I do :)

After all, when im 80 i'll probably die from being whacked in the head by a leadpipe after drinking beer and shouting join in the chant at 3 AM in the morning and waking up the metal head in the room next door in the elder care home.

Cause that is also what i do ;)