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Aus on STHLM Riots

posted 24 May 2013, 06:01 by Pierre Maier

Fixed MEME and RANT

However there is truth to this and the same phenomenon can be observed in the Subway to ofc.

During rush hour when the trains are so full that you basically can feel peoples privates rubbing against you from every direction, there's usually open seats. And if you take it the one sitting there will look at you like "WTF, Does it LOOK like this seat is free!?"

And yeah, we have some douchebags rioting in some Stockholm suburbs about likely some poor dude having his free seat next to him stolen by some old lady with bad hips who needed a seat.

To douchebags who make a mess where my friends live:
Sweden is the worlds big daddy of social welfare so fuck off!, nowhere in the world offers the opportunities available here with free universities, free healthcare, superb living standards and the pinnacle of equality. Your problems are insignificant, go and fucking vote in the government elections like everyone else.

They have burned some cars, a school, thrown rocks at the police and fire fighters and such lovely things. But don't get me wrong, stuff are not completely out of business in these suburbs. The people owning the burnt out wrecks that used to be their cars had properly received parking tickets due to putting crap on the parking lot. ;O)

Then these rioters complain about the cops beating the shit out of them.

Sounds to me like a learning experience you arrogant motherfuckers, go the fuck back to school and shut up.

News flash: The police and the military are the organizations that safeguard and exercise any states monopoly of Violence. This monopoly is the base and foundation of any state but in any "free" nation this is something that is seldom witnessed.
So bottom line is : Pick a fight with the police and you are in for a world of hurt. State sanctioned hurt.

So for any visitors to Stockholm: Don't take the free seat next to someone else in the subway, someone might start feeling bad about the near-human-interaction-experience and start a riot of their own.

And here I conclude the status report from the Land of the moose snow ,meatballs and fucking EBM with 2 observations.

1.The Swedish Government passed a law to force the church to wed gay couples IN church. WIN!

2.The Swedish Government have failed to pass a law against having sex with livestock / pet animals several times. Witch to me says a lot about the fancys of the ones in charge. FAIL

Have a great weekend everyone.


B.Saint on a contest of might and skill. ;)

posted 15 Oct 2012, 12:59 by Pierre Maier

Rant time!!!

As you all know by now we are soon to release our new album 'Halo of Lies'. So we figured that we should make it even more interesting by holding a contest.
We have yet to determine the exact nature of this event,
but it will definitely be something that we ourselves would be able to do. So you will not need to acquire any new sportsgear.
Maybe you will have to film yourselves drin
king copious amounts of fermented beverages whilst listening to EBM. Thus spreading the TraKKtor pravda!
Well probably not since we, the judge, jury and hangman of said contest, would have to watch and evaluate a shitload of videos with people doing stuff we would much rather do than watching videos of people doing stuff we would much rather do.

Anyway the prize will be spectacular and I sincerely hope that as many of you will partake when we "go live" with this contest.
So stay tuned for more info about this!


Aus on Idiots and "Chemtrails"

posted 5 Oct 2012, 06:07 by Pierre Maier

Time for some ranting!

Some Swedish moron local politician in some backwater village spoke in the media about "chemtrails". (in reality the condense that appear after rather fast aircraft when burning kerosene fuel.)

Stated that this is some conspiracy from the CIA and other power organiastions to control weather for devious reasons.
Apparently by ineserting canisters of poison to be dispensed
by aircrafts in flight.

Well, put on the tinfoil hat and insert the Cryptonite buttplug , THEY ARE COMMING!!!!

*Runs for cover*

Remember kids, Science is the bridge we use to get from ignorance to AWESOME and this lady obviously jumped over the ledge instead.


Aus on EBM and the new Swedish book about Synth music.

posted 5 Oct 2012, 06:06 by Pierre Maier

EPIC rant time this week.
Let’s talk a bit about music, let’s talk about EBM ;)
Recently there was a book released called “Den Svenska Synthen” (The Swedish synth music) and our own Conan is apparently featured in this book about his involvement in Club Tech Noir in Stockholm.

I have not read the book yet but I definitely will.

However I read some about it in one of the national Newspapers and
the author of the book is interviewed.
He goes on about why Synth/Electronica never has the impact that metal did and have and basically comes down to that synth people do not agree with music that sounds anything like the genre they love because “it has been done before”.

While in other genres that would be considered a great thing and the sport would be to make that particular sound as good as possible and work on the actual performance of the music.
This got me thinking a little. (let the ranting begin * ba-dish*)
Looking at the huge metal crowds they kind of opted for a cheery brotherly approach where uniqueness where not that important, as long as you bang your head and show some horns at a concert they are all friends (at least while Fear of the dark pops out of the PA).

While we are prone to bickering about uniqueness all while having the exact haircut and combat boots as the bloke next to you anyhow.
And frankly for a genre of music that’s been around for 30 years we can’t really state that we are so unique and boundary breaking any longer, there are lots of clothes brands that make clothes for people like us for crying out loud.

I’m sure some will disagree but I’m sure there’s a sale on 12” vinyl’s somewhere to pass your time instead of explaining to me how utterly awesome some band I have never heard of is because they were “creative” in the toolshed and recorded it into a song ;)

I want more and better EBM songs, not something else.
Who cared at all about the late 90’s and 00’s Front 242 tracks? Exactly, NO-BO-DY. Because it was no body, (sorry, horrible joke) and still people bickered about evolution of music that simply needs to be enjoyed as it is.

If you wanna be unique, join a folk dance club, that’s friggin underground.

Maybe it’s time to opt an attitude that says “I listen to EBM and I fucking love it” have another beer and be done with it. Wear it like a badge of honor that you are one of many who does.Then perhaps some new people would feel welcome into our little pond ;)

And if you love EBM, well then I will call you brother in front of any Nitzer Ebb show as long as you stay the fuck off my beer.


Robert on a recent photoshoot.

posted 26 Aug 2012, 06:40 by Pierre Maier

This has been a day to drink-and-forget! I didn't roll my way at all and I topped it off by cracking the screen on my One X.
*shakes fist at heaven and blast some really angry EBM* /R

Now that's out of the way...
Hope that noone missed the photos we took last week. Who would've thought TraKKtor to be such a photogenic crew?
The best part of it all was that we had no way to clean up before heading home. It's one thing with three painted dudes all dressed in black on the subway and completely another thing strolling by a daycare center at 3:00pm looking like you're fresh from the grave.
\,,/ >_< \,,/



About the old days by AUS

posted 26 Aug 2012, 06:37 by Pierre Maier

About the old days that many seem to think so highly of.

you know the old days when people dressed in black with combat boots and business shirt without glowsticks and a head full of g
arden hoze and sang allong to Leather Strip - Kill a raver? yeah, those days when Deuschemaschine was the new hit and wumpscut only had released about 400 albums. ;)

I must admit I am not all that fond of the industrial dance in the living-room and put in on youtube thing, but it still is a hell of a lot better than this (link below) bullshit and mind you that i DO remember people dancing this way back in the day ;)

Time changes some things, industrial people learned to dance, kind of. And the techno chicks and the industrial chicks swapped styles. The techno chicks now wear as little as possible and now the industrial people look like christmas trees instead.

Picking up chicks got a whole lot more complicated to.

1.Skirt- Check,
2.Small half top - Check
3.Probable girly hairdoo - Check
4.obvious female high heel style plateu boots - check.
5. Turns around and it's a GUY and you feel stupid for checking out some dudes ass :P

Now don't go and get pissed because I make fun of something that some people take very seriously. because anything that people take seriously is the most fun TO make fun of, and its what I do :)

After all, when im 80 i'll probably die from being whacked in the head by a leadpipe after drinking beer and shouting join in the chant at 3 AM in the morning and waking up the metal head in the room next door in the elder care home.

Cause that is also what i do ;)



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