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Summer Sale!

posted 11 Jul 2012, 06:27 by Pierre Maier   [ updated 28 Nov 2012, 06:33 by Jens Lagnekvist ]


We figured we clear out some odds and ends that are left from a year of Gigs so if you ever wanted that T-shirt or whatnot you did not buy at our show. 

Now's the time.

We have 3 items up for sale and a few bundles with a good price.

*Note that post fare will be added to the price so it depends on what you order and where you live.

We do handle all orders personally so we will keep it simple by accepting them via E-mail to conan[at]

State what items you want, your IRL adress and we will return an invoice (PDF) to your E-mail. 

Should you want a personal greeting on your signed CD, that's ok, just let us know.

Payment: We accept bank transfer and Paypal. unfortunetly no Visa or swedish post-giro since usually only sell CD's on wholesale.

Bundle 1 - 25 Euros + post fee

Force Majeure CD (signed) + Veil of thorns Single (signed) + Force Majeure T-shirt. 

Bundle 2 - 20 Euros + post fee

Force Majeure CD (signed) + Force Majeure T-shirt

Bundle 3 - 15 EUR + post fee

Force Majeure CD (signed) + Veil of thorns Single (signed)

Individual Items

Force Majeure CD (signed) : 12 EUR

Force Majeure T-shirt: 15 EUR

Veil Of Thorns Single (signed) :7 EUR

TraKKtor Force Majeure CD - Will remain in print. 

TraKKtor Force Majeure T-shirt 

Few sizes remain.
Male S lots
Female, XS  Lots , S , Lots

TraKKtor - Veil Of Thorns

This single is limited and when the last copy is sold it will be gone for ever.
The amount left can be fitted in one hand so be quick! :)