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TraKKtor offers a "No drama, no bullshit , no breaking shit" guarantee.
We treat you, your staff , your premises and your equipment with respect.

TraKKtor can bring quite a lot of equipment when travel allows it,  check gear page to match with
your venue. 

Katyusha Records
C/O TraKKTor
Jungfrudansen 82
171 51 SOLNA

Tel: +46701800879

Q:I want to buy a signed CD.
A:Sure friend, might take a couple of weeks since we don't all gather every week but if you have a little patience we will hook you up.
Just E-mail what you want and if you want it signed to any name(s) or such.

Q:I want promo CD's.
A:Maybe, Who are you, what do you need and what for?

Q:I want an interview/write an article about TraKktor.
A:Cool, fire away.

Q:I want an interview/article and I want TraKKtor to pay for it.
A:Hell no.

Q:I want TraKKtor to pay for my festival/event. (free gig)
A:That's insulting, Piss off. (charity project? Read below!)

Q:I have seen TraKKtor contributing to charity projects and I want a contribution to my project.
A:Maybe, Science, and the general improvement of mankind and life on planet Earth are warm topics to us, get in touch.
However we will not contribute to any religiously affiliated charity no mater the cause, even loosely so.