TraKKtor was founded in 2001.

This was "the golden age of EBM", a time when countless bands started up, and from which most of them were but a brief flair or a flavor of the week.
However, a few true titans of the genre made their mark, and some of the most recognized EBM albums of all time hit the scene.

Out of boredom and the need to blow off some steam, TraKKtor was conceived to BE a flair. The band was simply a couple of EBM fans in their early 20's, and there were no motives or ambitions what-so-ever behind its inception.
Ironically, it is now 13 years later, and TraKKtor is still here... unbowed, unapologetic, and standing over a vast ocean of the ghosts of the EBM acts who could not withstand the tests of time.

In 2014, TraKKtor has become a triumverate who form the undisputed meanest and loudest EBM act coming out Sweden. We are still standing true to what we set out to do over a decade ago... We blow off steam with unmatched thunder and fury and we encourage our fans to join us in having a great time doing this. 

To us, this is what EBM is all about.
The only difference between our start and today is that WE now set the standards we meet... Watch and learn...