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Trakktor is a Swedish duo set up in 2001 by Pierre Maier and Tobias Jansson. Later on the duo got joined by Jens Lagnekvist aka DJ Conan. Right now Trakktor is again a duo as Tobias Jansson left the band to concentrate on his own project (ACC:Xess). Trakktor previously released an EP entitled “Veil Of Thorns”, but you probably heard the band on a few great compilations like “Electronic Body Matrix” and “Extreme Sünderfall Vol. 11” or remixes for bands like Kant Kino, Cryo, Red Cell, Menticide ao.
“Force Majeure” is a good way to know a bit more about this band and the least I can say is that this album is an excellent EBM composition. Right after a short intro with the cool title “Pandoras Box”, we get a dark-body song entitled “Soothsayer”. It sounds promising and is an excellent teaser for what’s coming up. Trakktor deals with a very efficient and well-crafted EBM style. The songs are powerful and driven by harsh vocal parts. “Final Fusion” and “Veil Of Thorns” are quite efficient pieces. Those who know their EP “Veil Of Thorns” might have noticed the carrying lead running through the song. Trakktor is not just composing EBM, but still takes care to elaborate the writing with alluring synth leads. That’s what they do a remarkable way on “The Surge” (released on the great sampler “Electronic Body Matrix”). Even if the song sounds quieter than the rest and is featuring female backings, it’s a damned good track as well. One more essential song is “Spitfire”. I like the lyrics of the track, which are dealing about a pilot from the famous airplanes of the RAF during WWII. I like the power, the sound, even the cliché siren-sampling and the captivating string during the break.
Even if the last songs are less impressive, “Force Majeure” has fully seduced me for its fresh EBM temperament. I totally agree what the band affirms in the booklet: ‘And fuck all old farts who do not appreciate anything made after ‘87”. It made me smile, but they’re damn right, illustrating that EBM is not only music of the 80s. This album gets my full support… even being an old fart myself... Well-done guys!


Artist: TraKKtor
Title: Force Majeure
Format: Album
Label: Katyusha
Genre: Harsh EBM
Release date: June 20, 2011

For an act who have existed for ten years it is rather unusual to not have released a single album during that time. But now it is here. “Force Majeure” is the name of the debut album.

TraKKtor is the duo of Pierre Maier and Jens Lagnekvist. Formed in 2001 more on hobby basis, the band took the shot and decided in 2006 to take the project to another level. Five years later, “Force Majeure” is the result.

Influences from Suicide Commando, Hocico or even Front Line Assembly and Skinny Puppy are not difficult to notice. At high pace, after the opening intro track “Pandoras Box”, they kick off with the powerful “Soothsayer” and continue to keep it up. It’s harsh, dark and with fast beats it is like ment for the clubs.

Songs like “Veil of Thorns” bring forward a brighter structure though. Still at high tempo with fast beats but with influences from Trance. The contrast of the bright sound structure, the heavy beats and the dark vocals makes a really great mix. Do not forget the beautiful melodic atmosphere. And that is something I think the band does really good. They create these really dark songs with heavily distorted voice and heavy beats, but at the same time it feels very melodic. Almost every song has a strong melody and a great atmosphere.

The track “Thirteenth Order” is something of a true masterpiece. As I see it, this IS the closing track for this album and it is just amazing. Nearly 8 minutes of an outstanding atmosphere, putting all the harsh aside and focusing on the synthesizers with cool ambient soundscapes and a melodic structure that reminds of the classic C64 tunes in some parts.

I must say the investment in better equipment really paid off. The quality is at a high level with great production work. The album is really good and it pretty much kicks the shit out of many other bands in this genre today. “Force Majeure” will stay with me for a long time! Don’t be surprised if this one is mentioned as one of the strongest in its genre at the end of the year.

Written by: Björn Andersson


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

It only took about ten years after their formation, for the TRAKKTOR to release their first full-length album, ‘Force Majeure’. And from the opening song ‘Pandora’s Box’ they’ve decided to declare their close affiliations with SUICIDE COMMANDO. Therefore the Box opens and as I guess all the evils spring out. Not exactly all of them, since according to the Greek myth Hope was the greatest evil of all. These are details that as it seems never reached up there in the North. What actually comes forth is a show-off of violence and mental instability which might amuse many. ‘Soothsayer’ is one of the best moments of the album, hard in its tempo, atmospheric and builds excellently (especially if one adds the intro to it). Yet, one of the strongest aspects of the TRAKKTOR is their music compositions which they are built around a theatrical tone. The other ones are the flow and the blending of the songs. I suspect that Conan the DJ has lots to do with that. The whole album is not of the kind never-heard-before but the band is able to make interesting combinations and alterations of rhythm.

Another characteristic moment of the album is ‘Spitfire’ which you can also hear as a cool dogfight between the Spitfires and FEINDLUNG’s ‘Stukas Im Visier’(unfortunately on this occasion the “Stukas” won). The combination of ‘Extinction’ with ‘Dancing With The Devil’ is compelling as they provide a danceable EBM political horror flick. A flick that escalates with the brilliant, but uneven ‘Thirteen Order’, which starts with the distorted speech of President George Bush (senior) on the New World Order and continues to the President William J. Clinton (and without the Lewinski stains) only to end up with a quote from “Battlestar Galactica”! After this small cultural shock of mine, ANAMADIM have put once again the things into perspective with a striking remix of ‘Dancing With The Devil’ offering a pure Aggrotech anthem. With the exemption of ‘Reaper’ which is predictable by far, the whole CD was an amusing experience, at times danceable, at others thought provoking. They are not SKINNY PUPPY (but then again I doubt even if SKINNY PUPPY are what they used to be) yet they are pushing the boundaries of EBM. And that’s quite something...

Written by Ray Dunkle Monday, 27 June 2011 15:19


"Force Majeure" literally translated as "Greater Force" is an absolute textbook example of an EBM album title. Good start for Sweden's TraKKtor.
This hotly anticipated debut album comes hot on the hells of the well-received "Veil of Thorns", and despite the somewhat mirthful band name, the 3 men behind this project are nothing but determined.

"Opening" an album with an intro entitled "Pandora's Box" is a very clever idea. It made me smile. It's a minute long, and has moments reminiscent of that classic sample, from (I believe) Hellraiser. It's layered with some simple and effective Electronics, then blends nicely into "Soothsayer", without a split second in between (I love when CDs do that - it can't be recreated as well on mp3).

"Soothsayer" is acutely excellent! The lyrics and samples carry over the uneasy feeling that's hinted at in the Intro, and the music doesn't take long to prove to the fanbase that "Veil of Thorns" isn't a one-off.

Listing their influences as "Technology" , "Politics" and "War History" , one might be forgiven for thinking that the band isn't anything special or original.
The fact they also have a passion for "Black" Metal does pique my interest - how often do you see Dimmu Borgir and Jean-Michel Jarre on an "Influences" list together?

"Veil of Thorns" rightly makes its return as a track on the album, and is almost overshadowed by the two tracks that cushion it on either side :
"Final Fusion", and "Reaper".

There's seldom moments on this release that bore me, and tracks like "Extinction" and "The Surge" re-enforce my belief that Industrial and EBM is making a come back - IF you know where to look.

Finally, the 8 minute "Thirteenth Order" impresses me greatly, as well as the track "Dancing With The Devil", which incidentally is remixed by one of my favourite acts of 2011, "Anamadim".

Welding all of these elements together, into a stunning looking Digipak, and equally impressive CD and lyrics book make "Force Majeure" a debut album that you can't really afford to miss.

Imagine FLA and Skinny Puppy with a nod to 2011, and you're halfway there.

Nick Quarm
16 Jun 2011


Force Majeure [CD]

EBM • Future Pop • Harsh • Hellelectro


28/07/2011, Didier BECU

It’s not such a hot summer after all, so we can definitely make room for some more cold beats, and the latest album by the duo Trakktor turns up from Sweden.

This band was fronted in 2001 by Pierre Maier and Tobias Jansson, and they shared stages with the likes of Combichrist, Front 242 , Suicide Commando , Clan Of Xymox and Mesh. This led of course to a growing fanbase and “Force Majeure” is the cherry on the cake. The result of people believing in themselves.

When you hear this album, it’s not that difficult to find out to which bands Pierre and Tobias have been listening to but this nevertheless delivers one of the strongest EBM-albums of the moment.

Is it an EBM-album? Not really as “Force Majeure” is very diverse in which it seems like the duo want to explore different layers of the genre.

“Soothsayer” for example is a fine aggrotech-song that reminds us of (who else?) Johan Van Roy and that’s not only said because it refers to horror movies where the cry for help is a primal ingredient.

“Final fusion” is danceable electroharsh that sounds like a classic once you play it three times in a row, whereas “Reaper” is inspired by the Canadian school, all this added with some Eurobeats.

That can be said about “Extinction” as well, which could have ended up on a recent Front Line Assembly-album.

Sweetest surprise was “Thirteenth order”. With sounds like (ahum) Jean-Michel Jarre but then again those Swedish boys see him as an inspiration as well, so we can't be that far from the truth after all.

People who like to listen to powerful electrobeats will definitely love this release and it’s recommended from the heart. Let the beats rule the body!

Didier BECU